Your blood pressure under control is the best application to control and manage arterial pressure


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Application functionality


Gather all your results in a simple and intuitive manner. (blood pressure, pulse, drugs, sports activity, notes, cholesterol, weight and other)


You will never again forget about the most important activities - set your reminders receive timely notifications.

Charts & statistics

Analyse your progress and monitor trends thanks to clear charts and understandable statistics.


We automatically update your data between all the devices you are using.


Never lose your data. All information are automatically archived, so you can access them from any place and at any time.

Off-line mode

You can use all application functionalities even when you do not have access to the Internet.


The application is available all over the world in several languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Chinese.

Multiple devices

Solution available on multiple platforms: Android (smartphones & tablets), iPhone, iPad, all web browsers.


All data is fully secured by means of encrypted connections and back-up copies in several independent locations.


Adjust the application to your individual needs, by freely modifying parameters and indicators.

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Gather your personal medical details

Use the application in your phone to save the results of your blood pressure, pulse, drugs taken, and other activities.

How it works

Synchronize your personal details

All information you gathered is secured and available online from any place whenever you need them.

How it works

Use multiple devices

Automatic data synchronization between your devices allows constant access to up-to-date information.

How it works

Monitor your results

All data you gathered is presented in the form of intuitive charts and statistics, facilitating quick result analysis and monitoring of trends and deviations.

How it works

Premium versions

Using the service and application is free of charge. If, on the other hand, you want to get rid of advertisements, or unlock advanced functionalities, select the Premium option.

Mobile Free

Blood pressure manager

Reminders and alarms

Charts and statistics

Drugs management

Off-line mode

Mobile PRO

No advertisements

Export to.xlsx

Backup Copyin offline mode

Landscape mode

Web Free

Internet Account

Backup copy

Device synchronization

Access to analyses

Export to.csv

Web Premium

No advertisements

Export to.xlsx

Extended reports

Advanced statistics

Additional filters






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2.0.0 Android

april, 2015

  • new: New version of bpresso app is coming...


1.0.0 iOS

april, 2015

  • new: Very soon ...


1.0.0 Web

april, 2015

  • new: Beta testing...